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Field Of Gold #1 Featuring Kyra

Although we were pressed for time, Kyra and I were able to capture quite a few beautiful shots in a field of tall grass near my home on a gorgeously warm autumn sunset evening. I had a great time working with her because, despite the fact that we’ve been shooting together for close to 2 years I was able to see a much more playful side of her. Whereas she’s usually much more reserved and focused on the task at hand, this day she was visibly enjoying herself as well as the moment, not so much working but rather just having fun with a friend. Simply put, she was just being Kyra, and you know what? Just being Kyra is alright with me!

Makeup By Juanita Lupton

Say Cheese!!!

Up late working on Jocelyn’s (I call her Jolly) hair magazine pics. I finally got her to smile, and what a lovely smile it is! I also love her big pretty eyes! I know she’ll like this πŸ™‚ Well, back to work…

Finished Product

For now at least? I’m so OCD sometimes I might come back and change things 100 more times before I’m truly satisfied…but for now I bring you Jessica The Valley Girl. I really do miss and love the 80’s….

Makeup By Nichele Washington

Still Workin’

This work in progress was taken from the I Love The 80’s Series I shot last year with the beautiful Jessica Murphy. Work never stops for me so I keep moving forward no matter what day it is. What can I say? I love what I do!!!! Enjoy your holiday everyone!!!

Make-up By Nichele Washington



Fall 2012 Promotion

It’s that time again. Don’t wait!!!

Call Now!!!

My New Website!!!!

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Damaris Blue Sky #1

I could go on forever with shots I like from her shoot!

Damaris In The Shadows

More from our last adventure

Makeup By Nichele Washington


B-boy Nas & Lil Anthony cold chillin in the place to be!

My son and his friend Anthony

Always Workin’!

Be back soon….

Featuring Tiona Chantel