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Discovering buried treasure

A beautiful bird’s feather

Imaginary eye glasses

See who runs fastest

Loud animal sounds

Playful angry frowns

The frightening zombie child

The wide bright smile

My imagination is great

My freedom, my joy, my escape

Ashawna outside playing in the yard using her imagination to have fun. Remember when you were a child and that’s all you really needed to have a good time?


Zombie Girl

Glass Eyes

A Feather

Running Uphill


Digging Dirt

what is this?

Evil Smile

Pretty Little Sisters

A few shots from some of my favorite little visitors.

prettygirls12b copy Sitting Baby Can U See Me? Holding Baby Sis Big SmileA Frown & A SmileA Kiss For Little Sis

Seasoned Baked Home Fries

Chopped yellow potatoes, sea salt, cracked pepper, paprika, onion powder, garlic, Italian seasoning and olive oil baked until golden brown.

seasoned baked home fries

The Skating Soldier

United States solider and avid skater Brenden Crockett.


All photos were taken last winter and previously unreleased due to the fact they were withheld for publication.

Bren Trick 16

Bren Trick 19

Bren Trick 20

Bren Trick 18

Bren Trick 1

Bren Trick 2

Bren Trick 12

Bren Trick 17

Bren Trick 3

Bren Trick 4

Bren Trick 5

Bren Trick 8

Bren Trick 6

Bren Trick 7

Bren Trick 21

Bren Trick 9

Bren Trick 10

Bren Trick 11

Bren Trick 13

Bren Trick 15


Riding On Faith

Last winter my son and I were walking around downtown when we ran across a homeless man that we see often. He walked up to me and asked if I had any change so that he could fix his bike’s flat tire. I gave him what I had, he thanked me and walked away. Later on that day I saw his bike further down the street lying on the ground with a tire missing, so I stood next to it to keep an eye on it while also changing the lens on my camera. A few seconds later the gentleman emerged from a local store with tire in hand and sat down to fix his damaged inner tube. I finished attaching my lens, glanced up for a second and noticed the wonderful angle at which he held the tire in relation to his face. I instictively fired off a few shots. Not wanting to be totally rude I immediately stopped and asked the man if it was ok to take a few more shots to which he politely obliged.

He talked to me the entire time I shot him, telling me about his life, family and how he ended up living on the street. He was very intelligent and well spoken. I felt bad for him due to his unfortunate circumstances but, especially after he relvealed to me that he was also suffering from cancer. He explained that years ago doctors told him that he only had a little while to live but, here he still was, alive and well enough to talk about it. He told me about his very deep belief in God despite everything that he’s been through and how he firmly believes this is the reason why he’s still here today. After a few minutes he was able to repair the flat in his tire and told me he was off to try and find food. Surprisingly I found some more money in my upper jacket pocket, handed it to him and told him I hope it helps? He said a prayer for me. Then thanked me, not just for the money but for taking the time to stop and talk with him, and then he rode away. Whenever I’m in the downtown area I still see him. If I can catch his attention or get close enough to him I always try stop to speak with him.

This encounter reaffirmed my belief that not all homeless people are “bums” as we too often so callously refer to them. Every person really does have a story to tell, sometimes we just need to pay enough attention to listen to it.

(This is the first time that I can actually share these images because most of them were previously withheld for publication)









A Quick Stop At The Park

The other day I stopped at the park to see if there was anything interesting going on. Not much was happening but, these little guys were out so I decided to snap a few shots of them before hitting the road again….

geese 1

geese 2

geese 3

geese 4


Shrimp & Grits

Shrimp, sausage, bacon, mushrooms, peppers, with six cheese grits and parmesan sauce.

Shrimp & Grits 1

Seafood Trio

Lobster tail, garlic scampi shrimp, lemon parmesan tilapia, and garlic mash potatoes.

Seafood Trio

The Aftermath Of Destruction

This is the small town of Crawford, Alabama near Smiths Station, Alabama days after a tornado ripped through the area on the morning of April 29th 2014. Thankfully no one was seriously injured or killed! By the time I arrived on the scene the cleanup crews, emergency responders, police, military and most of the families were already gone, leaving the area a virtual ghost town with exception of a few home owners picking through the wreckage.

Destruction like this helps you to realize our petty differences as humans mean nothing in the face of tragedy. Natural disasters have a way of putting real life and what’s truly important into perspective.

Take a close look at each of these photos. Carefully scan every detail within these shots and you will continuously discover something new that you might have missed upon first glance. Every single item scattered within the debris regardless of it’s size was once someone’s personal belongings. Everything you see was accumulated over time to create the inside of these people’s home. Think of how long it has taken you to purchase all of the things inside of your home? Think of all of the precious items that can’t be purchased or replaced such as, old photos or maybe family heirlooms passed down through generations? Now imagine all of it gone? All gone through no fault of your own, and there’s nothing you can do about it. How would you feel? These were all of the questions I had to ask myself as I looked all around me. A very sobering moment for me…

It’s both visually and mentally surreal to see an entire neighborhood leveled like this. Witnessing devastation on this scale first-hand makes you appreciate all of the things you’ve worked hard to earn, but more importantly it makes you understand how it can all be gone in an instant! You must ultimately come to the realization that your most precious possession in life truly is life itself. As painful as it is to sift through the remains of your possesions, as helpless as you may feel, eventually you will start to feel grateful again. Grateful in the understanding that you’ll be able to carry on. Grateful that you have the ability to regroup and rebuild. It may be tremendously difficult and it may take a very long time, but, you have another chance to start anew. Always keep faith in God and humanity.

The lesson to take away from all of this is, it is very important to reach out to those in need because they could easily be you! They are you! Remember, nature doesn’t discriminate, so always be mindful and remain compassionate towards those in unfortunate circumstances.

God bless everyone involved. Peace be upon you!


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Guest Post: Poetry By Toni Marie Parker

For …

 I open my eyes for love…I thrive for you.

Every little ambition, every large undertaking, and every profound ground breaking is simply for you.

I leave my comfort, lose my grace, I am front runner in my chase… for you.

My smile is yours and the tears I taste are often replaced by your sweet whispers.

No one else can deliver. I shudder. I quiver.

Oooh… only for you. I am dumb. I am mad. I am numb.

You are my sun and moon, my December and June, my second, my week, you are my silence, my speech…

Everything I do… You. I close my eyes for love…



Toni Marie Parker-2014

My Sister & Me

Two adorable little sisters using their imagination to have fun playing outside on a cool, windy spring afternoon.

bad girls

sybrenna crazy face


bag girl blowin

sybrenna wild hair


making food

sybrenna face

sybrenna ground

sybrenna side eye

Fire It Up!!!

Anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE to grill any and everything! It comes as a total shock to me that the last time I actually grilled was over year ago! My last grill was destroyed in a bad storm and I never bought a replacement. It’s really unlike me to go this long without a grill especially when I think about all the new recipes I’ve learned and want to experiment with (I watch a lot of Food Network and The Cooking Channel) 😉 So yesterday I decided since family is here from back home to celebrate the holiday weekend now would be a great time to purchase another grill and get my Bobby Flay on! Since my camera never leaves my side I decided to take a shot of my first grilling of the year, so here you go…bbq coming soon!


Feeling It!

Model Taelor Moore

Makeup Nichele Washington

Taelor Park 2 For Blog

taelor promo 3

taelor promo 4

taelor promo 5

taelor promo 6

taelor promo 2

Picasso’s Pizza

My family and I don’t eat pizza very often but, when we do we eat at our favorite place in Columbus, Picasso’s Pizza. The food is amazing and I’ve never had a bad experience there. This particular pizza is their incredible buffalo chicken style pizza. If you’re ever in Columbus Georgia and want top quality pizza I highly recommend you go to Picasso’s in the downtown area.

picasso pizza

Morning Flowers

Nice flowers I spotted outside of the restuarant my family and I were dining at this morning.



Homemade Chicken Sausage

Homemade chicken breakfast sausage. Created with my family’s traditional secret recipe.

chicken sausage 2

chicken breakfast sausage

Lemon Pepper Garlic Wings

Baked lemon pepper garlic hot wings.


Panko Green Tomatoes

Panko breaded, pan fried green tomatoes.



Summertime Fine

Model Taelor Moore

Makeup Nichele Washington

taelor album cover for blog