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Also Introducing Miss Dyani!!!

I can’t forget about Nairobi’s beautiful little diva Miss Dyani! She definitely has style in her genes thanks to her wonderful mother, and I wanted to showcase how even a child of her age can be fashionable highlighting her unique personality. What’s even more cool about these pics is the fact that it wasn’t planned. When they came to visit me she was already dressed like that so I had to break out the camera and snap a few. It ended up turning into a very fun mini-shoot. Look out for more from this little princess.

Styling By Her Mommy Nairobi Maloney

Styling By Her Mommy Nairobi Maloney

Dyani Fashion 2

Dyani Fashion 3

Introducing Nairobi

Help me in welcoming the Panamanian Princess Ms. Nairobi Maloney! All I have to say about this beautiful woman is, I LOVE HER STYLE!!! She’s such a colorful, and fun person I promise that I could shoot with her all day everyday. Admittedly our shoot started out a little rocky but after a few moments things picked up and we were off and runnin! Nairobi has a very fierce but playful/sexy energy making it very enjoyable to watch exactly what she’ll do next. She was down for whatever idea I had in mind and we definitely took a more than few risks while shooting, like shooting right in the middle of high traffic on a very busy street!!! Oh yeah, did I mention she has a KILLER pair of legs?! I know you can’t see them in this pic but trust me, when I post one of those you’ll see exactly what I mean! ๐Ÿ˜‰ As always this is just the first of many shots I hope to post from this shoot and I absolutely look forward to working with her again to see what type of colorful madness we can create together!