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Katrelia: Untamed

I recently had the pleasure of working with one of the lovely ladies I first met and worked with when I moved to Columbus, Ms. Katrelia Gamble. Although it’s been years since we’ve last shot, I must say she keeps looking better with time! This particular session was very simple, just a test run to eliminate any rust. I can’t wait to do something much more creative with this young woman, and you can expect to see that very soon.

Katrelia Beautiful Chaos 4

Katrlia Beautiful Chaos 1b

Katrelia Beautiful Chaos 6

Katrelia Beautiful Chaos 2

Katrelia Beautiful Chaos 5c

Tiona Throwback #1

I know I’m a day late, but I wanted to share this throwback of one my favorite people, Tiona Chantel. This is from our very first session and working with her gave me a deeper appreciation for her natural beauty. Aside from her beautiful face and great skin she has a very interesting personality, and when we shoot we playfully go back and forth giving each other a hard time, but we have a lot of fun! She’s so tiny and adorable (I’m sure she’ll love that description) but don’t be fooled, she’s a big on beauty as well as talent! Aside from modeling she’s also an accomplished makeup artist and fellow photog. She is a true triple threat and I can’t wait until I can get her back in front of my camera! Have a happy friday and enjoy your weekend!

Tiona Throwback Sexiness 1B


Veiled Beauty Remix

Here’s a remixed version of a headshot from my very first shoot with the lovely Taelor Moore.

Makeup By Nichele Washington

Makeup By Nichele Washington

Cuba Style

A shot of Taelor Moore inspired by the colors of Cuba.

Makeup By Alicia Cooper

Makeup By Alicia Cooper

Bad Girl Featuring Taelor Moore

Inspired by Rihanna 

Makeup By Alicia Cooper

Makeup By Alicia Cooper

Princess Safiyyah’s Glam Shoot

My Baby Is Quiet And Sweet But Still Fierce!!! Shout Out To Terri White & Shon Sanks For Helping Make My Daughter Look Beautiful.


I Support Safiyyah “Miss Columbus Peach” Jones To Be The Next MISS GEORGIA TEEN USA!!!

To become a sponsor email mscolumbuspeach@gmail.com or call 815-274-4844 for more info. To donate online through PayPal send to (Email: mscolumbuspeach@gmail.com)

Styling By Terri White & Makeup By Shon Sanks

Styling By Terri White & Makeup By Shon Sanks


Ginny Sparks Throwback Remix

I was searching through my old hard-drive and realized I had this wonderful shoot from a few years back with the beautifully unique Ginny Sparks that I had never released, so I decided to play around with a few of the files. Here’s the first one. I decided to dirty it up a bit and slap the “FANTASIZE” right across the front to make it look more like an edgy ad or something. There are so many more from this set I can’t wait to play around with later. I’ll post more as I edit them. Enjoy!

Makeup By Micha Maldonado

Makeup By Micha Maldonado