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Elle Morgan

My latest shoot with the gorgeous and talented fashion stylist/blogger Elle Morgan. To see more of her work please check her out here: http://theellemorgan.blogspot.com

Model: Elle Morgan (@ellemorganstyling)

Makeup: Calii Couture (@caliicrazii)

Hair: Raven Searcy (@thefvshionkiller)

Elle 1 facebook

Elle 2 facebook

Elle 8 facebook

Elle 5 facebook

Elle 11c facebook

Elle 4 facebook

Fun With Adrian

My second test shoot this year with the beautiful Adrian Sellers. This was one of the most fun and laid back shoots I’ve had in years! I wish they could all be this relaxed and enjoyable.

Adrian Park 1

Adrian Park 2

Adrian Park 3

Adrian Park 4

Adrian Park 5

Adrain Park 6

First Shoot Of The Year

My first test shoot of the year was yesterday with the lovely Ms. Taleor Moore. Makeup provided by the talented Nichele Hardge. More to come from this shoot later.

Taelor All White 1

Taelor All White 2

Taelor All White 3

Taelor All White 4

Taelor All White 5

Buttoned Beauty

Happy Throwback Thursday! This is one of my favorite concepts shoots from early January 2008. I love all the wonderful colors!

Model Angel McCray

Makeup By Micha Maldonado

Angela Buttons For Blog 1


Makeup artist and model Tiona Chantel looking sassy as ever in our last shoot.


Sassy Tiona 1 color

The Return Of Tiona!

Selections from my shoot yesterday with the beautiful and multi-talented makeup artist/photographer/model Tiona Chantel. She’s a little bombshell!!! To see more of her work please check out her official website at: http://www.tionachantelmakeup.com

Tiona Pocahontas 1

Tiona Pocahontas HS 1

Tiona black 3

Tiona Black HS 3D

Tiona Black HS 1C

Tiona Black HS 4C

Tiona Black 1B

Tarnesha Head-Shots

Here are a just a few head-shots from my very first shoot with Mrs. Tarnesha taken a couple of months ago.

Model Tarnesha Robinson Small

Makeup Shon Sanks

Hair Ormond Bellinger


Tarnesha 3d

tarnesha bw 2

Tarnesha Fav 1d

Tarnesha Shon 3e

Stevie Hedgecock

2 looks from my most recent test shoot.

Model Stevie Hedgecock

Makeup Artist Tiona Chantel/ http://www.tionachantelmakeup.com

Stevie Test Head-Shot 1b

Stevie Retro 1b

Sultry Jocelyn

The beautiful and sexy Jocelyn Shartel. Taken during our most recent set. 

Jocelyn Sexy Leopard 4

Ariane Webb: Golden Sun Kissed

This set was taken from my second session with model Ariane Webb. Makeup by Tiona Chantel.

Ariane Field 2B

Ariane Field 4

ariane field 5

Ariane Field 6

Ariane Field 1B

Ariane Field HS 2B

Ariane Field 7

Ariane Field 10

Ms. Columbus Peach Head-Shot #1

Remember, if you can please help support my daughter as she competes for the Miss Georgia Teen USA. Every little bit helps, and we’d like to thank everyone in advance! Thank you all.

I Support Safiyyah “Miss Columbus Peach” Jones To Be The Next MISS GEORGIA TEEN USA!!!

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Makeup By Nichele Washington

Makeup By Nichele Washington

Tiona Throwback #1

I know I’m a day late, but I wanted to share this throwback of one my favorite people, Tiona Chantel. This is from our very first session and working with her gave me a deeper appreciation for her natural beauty. Aside from her beautiful face and great skin she has a very interesting personality, and when we shoot we playfully go back and forth giving each other a hard time, but we have a lot of fun! She’s so tiny and adorable (I’m sure she’ll love that description) but don’t be fooled, she’s a big on beauty as well as talent! Aside from modeling she’s also an accomplished makeup artist and fellow photog. She is a true triple threat and I can’t wait until I can get her back in front of my camera! Have a happy friday and enjoy your weekend!

Tiona Throwback Sexiness 1B


Sparkles & Colors Featuring Charline Chester

A remix of a few shots from my one and only shoot with the delightful and gorgeous Charline Chester taken last year. She’ll be back soon and I can’t wait to see what we can create together!!! Love her!!! Too many reasons to list, stay tuned…

Charline Sparkle #1

Makeup by Micha Robinson

Makeup by Micha Robinson

Published On Our First Shoot!

Congratulations to Ms. Taelor Moore and myself for being published and gaining quite a bit of attention both here and overseas with a few pics from our very first shoot. We literally have hundreds of great shots from this shoot but only a few have been released for submissions. You can click the pics below or check out the website that they’re featured on here; http://www.wildchildmedia.co.uk/modelling-mondays-taelor-moore/

Makeup By Nichele Washington

Makeup By Nichele Washington

Taelor Field 1

Gorgeous Ginny!!!

I love this shot of Ginny! It’s one of my favorites. She’s just so beautiful to me!

Makeup By Micha Robinson

Makeup By Micha Robinson

Field Of Gold #2

Just another sample from my recent adventure with Kyra.

Makeup By Juanita Lupton

Makeup By Juanita Lupton

Field Of Gold #1 Featuring Kyra

Although we were pressed for time, Kyra and I were able to capture quite a few beautiful shots in a field of tall grass near my home on a gorgeously warm autumn sunset evening. I had a great time working with her because, despite the fact that we’ve been shooting together for close to 2 years I was able to see a much more playful side of her. Whereas she’s usually much more reserved and focused on the task at hand, this day she was visibly enjoying herself as well as the moment, not so much working but rather just having fun with a friend. Simply put, she was just being Kyra, and you know what? Just being Kyra is alright with me!

Makeup By Juanita Lupton

Say Cheese!!!

Up late working on Jocelyn’s (I call her Jolly) hair magazine pics. I finally got her to smile, and what a lovely smile it is! I also love her big pretty eyes! I know she’ll like this 🙂 Well, back to work…

Finished Product

For now at least? I’m so OCD sometimes I might come back and change things 100 more times before I’m truly satisfied…but for now I bring you Jessica The Valley Girl. I really do miss and love the 80’s….

Makeup By Nichele Washington

Still Workin’

This work in progress was taken from the I Love The 80’s Series I shot last year with the beautiful Jessica Murphy. Work never stops for me so I keep moving forward no matter what day it is. What can I say? I love what I do!!!! Enjoy your holiday everyone!!!

Make-up By Nichele Washington



Always Workin’!

Be back soon….

Featuring Tiona Chantel

Selections From Damaris Garcia Shoot

Various shots taken from our recent shoot. It was such a beautiful day out, and I had so much fun working with Damaris!!! I look forward to shooting with her again soon. Make-up provided by Nichele Washington.

Damaris On The Rocks #2


Make-up By Nichele Washington

Damaris On The Rocks!


Make-up By Nichele Washington