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Real Life Painting

Hello everyone! I just thought I’d share a photo that I recently made.

I was sitting in the passenger’s seat in mid conversation, when I noticed this scene unfold. I quickly raised my camera and snapped a few frames of this colorful moment. I found this scene interesting because, it reminded me of a painting, but in real life. I wish that I could’ve taken a few more frames, or even gotten out of the car to compose the shot better, but that’s how it goes sometimes. We only have a split second to capture a moment before it’s gone, and we can’t always compose the “perfect” shot. I will add, that I am happy with the overall color coordination throughout the photo.

As always, it makes me want to pay closer attention to everything going on around me. To be faster at capturing fleeting moments as soon as I’m aware of them. And that’s the beauty of photography! You keep trying to improve every day, every time you pick up your camera. That’s part of the joy and pain of this profession. I love it! I’ll use this experience as motivation to try harder.

Until next time. Stay tuned…

Happy 20th Birthday!!!

He’s all grown up now! It’s truly amazing how fast time flies by us, even when you think you’re totally paying close attention. In any case, Happy 20th to my son, Nas. I love you so much!!! One more year until the BIG celebration πŸ˜‰

New Year/2020 Part 2?

I hope that everyone is doing better so far? It’s hard to believe that we’re already at the end of the first month of this new year.

Personally, I’ve been spending my time editing photos, reading books, watching movies, or chilling with family. I’ve also had the great fortune of taking some road trips to combat the cabin fever of being trapped in the house. I’m definitely thankful for the mild weather, so I try to get out, masked up of course, and enjoy the cool breeze.

I’ve accumulated a a nice collection of photos taken from the passengers seat on our many excursions. This beautiful photo is one of most recent that I’m really pleased with. The soft colors painted in the sky provides a relaxing contrast to the rough desert landscape.

This is the type of work that I’ll focus on for the time being, until I can start making portraits again. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Continue staying safe, try to have fun, and enjoy your loved ones!

Around Nevada Part 2

As we approach the final days of this dreaded year, I’ve decided to reflect on some of the few moments of happiness that I’ve experienced this month. I realize that I haven’t truly blogged much this year, and the truth is, I just haven’t been able to translate my thoughts and feelings into written words. This year has been that debilitating for me. Anytime I thought about sitting down to write I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

So here I am now trying to end the year with some form of positivity. Posting some of my favorite memories from some of the trips that I was fortunate enough to take. To share some of the moments where I was actually able to go outside and photograph something.

I’m trying to remain hopeful that there will be more bright spots in all of our lives next year. You know, more good than bad. Personally, I want to continue to travel and photograph as much as I possibly can. As long as I’m able to create some meaningful work I’ll be content. I guess that’s all anyone can ask for right now?

Until next time, stay safe!

Around Nevada Part 1

Since it’s finally the end of this crazy year, I thought I’d share some random snapshots from my latest trip in and around Nevada.

There’s nothing more fun and relaxing to me as a photographer than taking road trips, exploring, and enjoying all of the interesting sights along the way. Being able to photograph all of my experiences are a true bonus! It brings so much joy into my life.

In troubling times like these, having a hobby or passion is of the utmost importance. I’m so incredibly grateful to be able to document all of my life’s many journeys. Sharing these moments with family and friends makes the journey even more special.

Year 20

Happy 20th photography anniversary to me!

This is a major milestone for me. One that so many people like me are never able to fully realize. This is the exact reason it’s so special to me, simply because I know how extremely difficult it is to achieve. I’m deeply thankful for this amazing blessing! It absolutely would NOT be possible without the love and support of my immediate family, and I MUST acknowledge them for all they do for me.

Starting out I never thought that this journey would ever come this far. All the doubt, practice, failing, struggles, rejection, negativity, money, hard work…yet, here I stand. I’m just as excited now as I was the first time I picked up a camera and decided to document my life. It’s been a long, hard, road but, I’m still going strong. I still find the motivation to get up and do it everyday because, I honestly just love it so much!

I get so much joy and fulfillment out of freezing all of the interesting moments I encounter. Persevering all of the memories I create in my life, and in the life of others. After all, life is all about experiences, and being able to document each one is a beautiful responsibility. It is sincerely an honor and a privilege. Even at this stage of my career, I’m still a proud student of the game. Still learning and growing everyday. Still willing to do the work even when there’s no reward. It’s truly not about the destination for me, but rather the journey.

My goals now are the same as they’ve always been…to have fun, and to build a collection of work that I can be satisfied with. Work that my family and I could be proud of. I am my own harshest critic, but I finally feel that I’m on the right track to accomplish everything I set out to do. As long as I’m able, I will continue to believe in and challenge myself to pursue all of my dreams!

I hope that my influence can serve as a positive example to my children and to all the artists that come after me. You can do what you love, and you can love what you do! I’m living proof. I was just a kid from a really rough city trying to do something that most people felt I couldn’t do or didn’t care about. Look at how many people worldwide that are trying to do the same things as me now. If it’s important to you, you can make it your reality. Never give up on yourself! Let love lead your intentions and never forget the element of enjoyment. You’ll be fine too πŸ˜‰

Peace & Blessings.


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