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New Website!

Wow! Somehow I’ve let another month slip away from me. I never intended to disappear again, but life comes at you at it’s own pace. Last month I was happily dealing with the graduation of my oldest child. What a beautiful and momentous occasion for our family. Since then I’ve been keeping very busy working on several personal projects which have kept me from picking up my camera very much in the past several months. My first goal on my project list is almost complete, yet I choose call it more of a work in progress. It’s also the topic of this particular post. This is my birthday gift to myself, the relaunch of my website! I’ve put a lot of work into it, but I have a lot more work to put into it, hence the term “work in progress”. I will be making adjustments to the site regularly, as well as posting any new work from this day forward directly to the site. To all of my supporters and viewers I ask that you bear with me as I work to fine tune the site over the next few weeks, and possibly months. As for now, please feel free to take your time to enjoy my current collection of work, and check back frequently for updates. As a reminder, the site looks great on your phone, but is best viewed on your desktop, laptop, or tablet. Thank you all!

Check out the website at this temporary domain name here:ย https://versatilitybyrnj.wixsite.com/robertjones

Happy Birthday To Me!!!

Thanking God that I’m blessed to see another day! Another year.