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Jocelyn Jbremor Morton #2

Shot #2 from our test shoot. When I say that not only is this young lady beautiful but talented as well I MEAN IT!!!! Don’t just take my word for it though, please please check out her song Up And Down and make sure you show her some love because she absolutely deserves it!!! Someone needs to sign her to their label asap!!! Listen to the song here:ย http://youtu.be/pZA9GcRSkeE

Jocelyn Jbremor Morton

Here is the first shot from my recent test shoot with the lovely Jocelyn Morton. I had a great time working with her! She’s extremely sweet, funny, and fun to be around. She’s the type of person you love to have in front of your camera or as a friend behind the scenes because she lightens the mood and makes everything enjoyable. I look forward to many more bigger and better shoots with this diamond in the rough.

Jbremor. Wardrobe provided by Cover Me Gorgeous


Happy Birthday Nichele!!!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful makeup artist Nichele Washington. Have a great day today from myself, and the entire Fantasize family! We couldn’t do it without you!

Smile, it’s your special day!

Happy One Year Blog Anniversary!!!

Actually its was Tuesday, and I’m very disappointed that I missed the actual day but, I can’t believe I’ve been at this for one full year! I can remember wanting to create a blog for a long time but never sat down to just do it. One day I told myself today is the day no matter what! I sat down to start it but it proved to be more difficult than I anticipated. Eventually I was able to decide exactly what I wanted to talk about and what I wanted to share. Next came designing it, adding pictures and figuring out my very first post. Not too bad right? Well when you have hundreds of thousands of pictures it becomes much more of a difficult task. I decided to start on a fun, happy note so I had to think of which pictures would immediately convey this message? A child maybe? Yes!!! Although I have two kids of my own I know another kid with a very expressive face that might be perfect to start me off. So I ended up starting off with my friends baby girl, Adayah. She makes the funniest, cutest faces ever! She has so much personality in her little body I knew she would be a great choice to get people interested. Once I knocked that out I had to do 2 more things. First I had to think of what to say….what will I write for each post from here on out? Next I had to make a commitment to stay dedicated to being consistent with my posts because I had witness so many people starting blogs then abandoning them. Overall it’s been a very fun learning experience…with each post I become more focused on what I want to say and which pictures to accompany it. It’s really amazing to think an entire year has passed right before my eyes!!! I really look forward to getting better at this, growing, and bringing even more interesting stories and pictures to share with everyone. On that note, let me end with the person that started it all….

Jessica Rockin Davanna Designs

Beez N The Trap Bodysuit featuring Angel Jessica.

Makeup by Nichele Washington