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Happy Birthday Katrelia!

I’d like to wish my beautiful model friend Katrelia a very Happy Birthday today!

Katrelia Hair Posing blog

Allison Brantley: The Lost Bride

After 3 long years of waiting and communicating, I was finally able to shoot with the beautiful Allison Brantley. Her very helpful mother was there also, assisting in making sure things ran smoothly, acting as co artistic director πŸ™‚ I really appreciated all of her help! Allison did a great job, and we all had a great time! Here are a few selections from our very first effort.

Allison Wedding Dress 3b blog

Alliosn Wedding Dress 7

Allison Wedding Dress 5

Allison Wedding Dress 9

Allison Wedding Dress 10

Alliosn Wedding Dress 15

Allison Wedding Dress 1 BW

Allison Wedding Dress 1 blog

Allioson Wedding Dress 8

Allison Wedding Dress 11

Allison Wedding Dress 14

Taelor Moore: Modern Retro Head-Shots

Model Taelor Moore

Taelor Retro 2b

Taelor Retro Low Key

Taelor Retro 4b

Taelor Retro 5

Taelor Retro 3

Happy New Year/Bad Girl Tae

Happy 2014 to everyone all over the world! I wish you all peace, love and happiness!

As for me, I’m going to start the year the same way I ended it…by doing exactly what I want to do! What I want to do right now is share a black and white conversion of model Taelor Moore that I shot a few months ago. Taelor isn’t a “bad girl” at all, she a good girl. I chose the title simply because the shoot was inspired by Rihanna. We both love Rihanna and to me Taelor can bear a very close resemblance to the famous singer. Hey Taelor, if you’re reading this? We’re past due for another round! Let’s do it!!!

Bad Girl Tae

Jessica SunDress: Black & White Series

Good afternoon all! Here are 2 shots of the beautiful Ms. Jessica Murphy taken this summer for a series I planned on doing about women in sundresses. More to come soon.

blow it away for blog

Jessica SunDress In Rain

Taelor Moore: Black & White Series

Happy Throwback Thursday everyone! I just wanted to drop in and share a few remixed black and white photos of Ms. Taelor Moore from earlier this year. These were 2 of my personal favorites from this particular session. I hope you all enjoy.

Taelor Bikini B&W

Taelor Water 4 B&W

All About Lidia

Various shots taken from our last session over the summer.

Makeup By Shon Sanks

Makeup By Shon Sanks

King Lidia Blog 1 King Lidia 4 King Lidia Blog 2 All About Lidia


Happy Birthday Jessica!!!

Happy Birthday to Jessica Murphy aka Ms. J Rabbit ❀

Jessica Rain Dress 1

Bad Girl #2

Makeup By Alicia Cooper

Makeup By Alicia Cooper

Model Taelor Moore.

Cuba Style

A shot of Taelor Moore inspired by the colors of Cuba.

Makeup By Alicia Cooper

Makeup By Alicia Cooper

Bad Girl Featuring Taelor Moore

Inspired by RihannaΒ 

Makeup By Alicia Cooper

Makeup By Alicia Cooper

Happy Birthday Antonio!

Happy Birthday To My Little Brother Antonio!!!Β It’s Hard To Believe You’re A Grown Man Now Because You’ll Always Be My Baby Brother, But I’m Proud Of The Man You’ve Become! You’re Very Intelligent And Talented And I Truly Admire That! I Love You And I Hope You Enjoy Your Day!

Makeup And Styling By Shon Sanks

Makeup And Styling By Shon Sanks


Another remix featuring the lovely Charline Chester.

Makeup By Micha Robinson

Makeup By Micha Robinson

Sparkles & Colors Featuring Charline Chester

A remix of a few shots from my one and only shoot with the delightful and gorgeous Charline Chester taken last year. She’ll be back soon and I can’t wait to see what we can create together!!! Love her!!! Too many reasons to list, stay tuned…

Charline Sparkle #1

Makeup by Micha Robinson

Makeup by Micha Robinson

Taelor Moore Shoot #2

This is the first shot from our second meeting. I love the retro feel of this particular shot. I enjoyed this shoot. It was very peaceful and relaxed. I wish it could have lasted longer…

Taelor Hill Retro #1

Also Introducing Miss Dyani!!!

I can’t forget about Nairobi’s beautiful little diva Miss Dyani! She definitely has style in her genes thanks to her wonderful mother, and I wanted to showcase how even a child of her age can be fashionable highlighting her unique personality. What’s even more cool about these pics is the fact that it wasn’t planned. When they came to visit me she was already dressed like that so I had to break out the camera and snap a few. It ended up turning into a very fun mini-shoot. Look out for more from this little princess.

Styling By Her Mommy Nairobi Maloney

Styling By Her Mommy Nairobi Maloney

Dyani Fashion 2

Dyani Fashion 3


Makeup By Nichele Washington

Makeup By Nichele Washington

Featuring Damaris Garcia

So Many To Choose From…

From my shoot with the lovely photographer/model Damaris Garcia. Why can’t all shoots be like this?

Makeup By Nichele Washington

Makeup By Nichele Washington

Field Of Gold #2

Just another sample from my recent adventure with Kyra.

Makeup By Juanita Lupton

Makeup By Juanita Lupton

Field Of Gold #1 Featuring Kyra

Although we were pressed for time, Kyra and I were able to capture quite a few beautiful shots in a field of tall grass near my home on a gorgeously warm autumn sunset evening. I had a great time working with her because, despite the fact that we’ve been shooting together for close to 2 years I was able to see a much more playful side of her. Whereas she’s usually much more reserved and focused on the task at hand, this day she was visibly enjoying herself as well as the moment, not so much working but rather just having fun with a friend. Simply put, she was just being Kyra, and you know what? Just being Kyra is alright with me!

Makeup By Juanita Lupton

Finished Product

For now at least? I’m so OCD sometimes I might come back and change things 100 more times before I’m truly satisfied…but for now I bring you Jessica The Valley Girl. I really do miss and love the 80’s….

Makeup By Nichele Washington

Damaris Blue Sky #1

I could go on forever with shots I like from her shoot!

Selections From Damaris Garcia Shoot

Various shots taken from our recent shoot. It was such a beautiful day out, and I had so much fun working with Damaris!!! I look forward to shooting with her again soon. Make-up provided by Nichele Washington.

Damaris On The Rocks #2


Make-up By Nichele Washington