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Happy 13th Birthday Nas!!!!

Happy Birthday to my son Prince Naseem! I love you!!!

Nas New Cut


Keeping Baby Warm

Hello everyone! Today I’d like to share a few candid portraits of a man embracing his baby while outdoors on a cold afternoon. While out shooting randomly with my Aunt I noticed this man and his family trying to enjoy themselves despite the brisk weather. When I approached them I noticed the piercing dark eyes of the baby, so I moved in close to try and focus in on them. Just as I moved in to take the shot the father embraced his child and held him tightly to shield him from a strong burst of cold wind. The baby looked at me very inquisitively as I pointed my camera in his direction and snapped a few frames . Once the father realized what I was doing he graciously allowed me to shoot a few more shots of his entire family. They were very nice people, and the encounter reaffirms exactly why I love photography. Meeting nice, interesting people with open minds that allow us to do what we love without issue. Very spontaneous and fun!

Asian Baby 1

Asian Baby 2



Princess Safiyyah Glam Shoot Pic #3

Another black and white shot from my daughter’s first shoot.

Safiyyah First Shoot 2

Rewind: The B-Boys

It’s amazing how quickly things you’re doing now become things you’ve already done yesterday…enjoy every moment of it! Happy Throwback Thursday everyone!

Nas & Ant Throwback Nas & Ant Throwback 2

The Gathering Part 1

Hello everyone! Today I want to share with you an image I captured while out walking in the park. While I stopped for a break an older gentleman and his granddaughter walked over to the area that I was standing in. Almost immediately after they sat down a group of ducks and geese began to surface from the water and walk over to them. After a few seconds the group grew larger and larger, so I decided to run back to the car and grab my camera. By the time I returned the man and little girl were completely surrounded by the birds! The child was excited and afraid, and her granddad seemed amused by the whole thing. We couldn’t figure out exactly why the animals were so attracted to them? They never fed them or even tried to call them over, but the birds really seemed drawn to the 2 people. I thought it was a very sweet moment as the grandfather tried to explain to the young child what was happening and I tried to capture as much of it as I could. This particular shot is one of the few that I would consider my favorites because the look the little gave me when she realized I was taking their picture was priceless! I’ll post more soon so please check back.

Watching The Ducks

Princess Safiyyah’s Glam Shoot Pic #2

Here’s one of my favorite shots from my daughter’s first real shoot with me. I love her facial expression here. I wish the weather would have been cooler that day so we could have continued shooting because I was amazed at how beautiful she looked and how great she was doing. I’ve set a few more of these to the side to share with everyone soon. Make sure you check back often!

Makeup By Shon Sanks

Makeup By Shon Sanks


Ms. Columbus Peach Head-Shot #1

Remember, if you can please help support my daughter as she competes for the Miss Georgia Teen USA. Every little bit helps, and we’d like to thank everyone in advance! Thank you all.

I Support Safiyyah โ€œMiss Columbus Peachโ€ Jones To Be The Next MISS GEORGIA TEEN USA!!!

To become a sponsor email mscolumbuspeach@gmail.com or call 815-274-4844 for more info. To donate online through PayPal send to (Email: mscolumbuspeach@gmail.com)

Makeup By Nichele Washington

Makeup By Nichele Washington

Princess Safiyyah’s Glam Shoot

My Baby Is Quiet And Sweet But Still Fierce!!! Shout Out To Terri Whiteย & Shon Sanksย For Helping Make My Daughter Look Beautiful.


I Support Safiyyah “Miss Columbus Peach” Jones To Be The Next MISS GEORGIA TEEN USA!!!

To become a sponsor email mscolumbuspeach@gmail.com or call 815-274-4844 for more info. To donate online through PayPal send to (Email: mscolumbuspeach@gmail.com)

Styling By Terri White & Makeup By Shon Sanks

Styling By Terri White & Makeup By Shon Sanks


Happy Birthday Princess Safiyyah!!!!!

Happy Birthday to my first born, Princess Safiyyah!!!! My love for you cannot be measured!!!!!

Happy Birthday Pooh 1

Congratulations Dayah!!!!

It’s amazing how big she’s getting! It seems like just yesterday she was in diapers, not being able to talk or even crawl, and now look at her! Today we celebrated her very first graduation and I couldn’t be more happy and proud! I didn’t shoot a lot of pics because I was too caught up in the moment but, I will post more of what I did catch later. Great job little mama!!! You’re becoming such a big girl! ๐Ÿ™‚

Dayah Graduation Black & White 1

Also Introducing Miss Dyani!!!

I can’t forget about Nairobi’s beautiful little diva Miss Dyani! She definitely has style in her genes thanks to her wonderful mother, and I wanted to showcase how even a child of her age can be fashionable highlighting her unique personality. What’s even more cool about these pics is the fact that it wasn’t planned. When they came to visit me she was already dressed like that so I had to break out the camera and snap a few. It ended up turning into a very fun mini-shoot. Look out for more from this little princess.

Styling By Her Mommy Nairobi Maloney

Styling By Her Mommy Nairobi Maloney

Dyani Fashion 2

Dyani Fashion 3

Happy 12th Birthday To My Son!!!

Happy Birthday to my son Prince Naseem!!!!! I love you!!!!!!

Nas 12th

Happy Birthday O’Niya!!!!

Happy birthday to another very special little lady who’s party I had the pleasure of shooting over the weekend, Ms. O’Niyah Harmon!!!

Niyah Party #1 happybirthdayniyah900_1

Happy Birthday To Adayah!!!!

Happy birthday to a very special little lady, the little lady that helped launch my blog, Ms. Adayah Amielle Chambers!

Happy Birthday!


B-boy Nas & Lil Anthony cold chillin in the place to be!

My son and his friend Anthony

Happy 12th Year In Photography Anniversary To Me!!!!

I’ve been so busy today I almost forgot to wish myself A happy 12 years in photography anniversary!!!! Although I don’t always give myself credit for the first year it is technically 12 so with that being said, Happy Anniversary to myself!!!! Thank God for allowing me to do what I love everyday! Despite all the ups and downs, no one or nothing can or will stop me!!! Now, what better way to celebrate than by actually shooting right? So let me introduce to you Miss O’Niya! I had the pleasure of shooting with this little angel and let me just say this, SHE IS FIERCE!!!! At only 6 years of age she can give the adults I work with some serious competition! She is full of energy, intelligent, funny, and has a mean runway walk!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ She could very well be on her way to bigger and better things and I would love to have a hand in making that happen. Here are a few shots from our very casual introductory shoot. More to come from this little superstar very soon.