Unreleased Photos, Behind The Scenes & Random Thoughts

Behind The Scenes

Good Morning Ava!

This shot was taken during our wonderful trip to Florida a few years ago. Avanti is always beautiful, even when she’s just waking up!

Good Morning Ava #1

Say Cheese!!!

Up late working on Jocelyn’s (I call her Jolly) hair magazine pics. I finally got her to smile, and what a lovely smile it is! I also love her big pretty eyes! I know she’ll like this 🙂 Well, back to work…

Still Workin’

This work in progress was taken from the I Love The 80’s Series I shot last year with the beautiful Jessica Murphy. Work never stops for me so I keep moving forward no matter what day it is. What can I say? I love what I do!!!! Enjoy your holiday everyone!!!

Make-up By Nichele Washington



Always Workin’!

Be back soon….

Featuring Tiona Chantel

Beautiful Outtake: Making Of The Calendar

Here’s a behind the scene shot of all my 2010-2011 calendar models.


UnderCover: Deadly Force

Here’s a scene from the short film Salem Chronicles: Undercover Deadly Force starring Jessie “MistaSupaboy” Harris.

Deadly Force!

Avanti Homeless Beauty Outtake #1

Here’s a random outtake of model Avanti taking a break at our ‘Homesless Beauty” photo-shoot. I believe she either smiling at something silly I said or at all the people looking at us like, “why is the dude taking pictures of this poor homeless women?” This was a short but fun shoot.