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Happy Birthday To Me!!!!

Today is my birthday!!!! If you have time, please show me a little love today. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

More Blade Cosplay Pics

Check out this small gallery from my recent Blade concept shoot with Jessie Harris.

Happy Birthday Angel Kyra!!!

From me and everyone at Fantasize!!!

Blade Cosplay #3

Part #3

Blade Cosplay #2

Part #2

Blade Cosplay #1

My Blade concept test shoot featuring Jessie “MistaSupaBoy” Harris

Burning Down The House Featuring Chloe Dior

Another selection from the “Burning Down The House” Series.

She’s on fire! Makeup by Shon Sanks

I Can’t Wait To Get Back Here!!!

I’ve grown quite fond of Florida and it’s very beautiful and relaxing beaches. Moving here is definitely a possibility now! Stay tuned…

I feel so at home here!

Happy Father’s Day!!!!

To all the fathers everywhere we want to wish you a very happy father’s day!!!

Robert Sr. & Robert Jr.

Have A Safe Trip!!!!

We’ll all miss you around here!!! I hope the next 9 months fly by!!!

Makeup By Micha Robinson

Romantic Call

Featuring Alexzandria Jolie

50’s Housewife

Featuring Alexzandria Jolie

Makeup By Nichele Washington

Photographer Victoria Williams-Dial

I told you even fellow photographers love me! But seriously, let me introduce to you the beautiful and talented Mrs. Victoria Williams-Dial!!! This was one of the most fun shoots I’ve had this year!!! Makeup by Nichele Washington.


Should I apologize for my work? Is it my fault you have a closed mind and associate anything remotely sexual with explicit pornography? What do you consider art? Tastefulness? Well, this is my expression…hate it or love it, it’s for you to decide. I love what I do and know where my heart and intentions lie. Let the debate begin…Live, Learn and Express yourself!

Makeup By Micha Robinson

Another Entry From The “Deadly Force” Shoot

He’s coming for you….

2012 Summer Beach Shoot Promo

Call now, don’t wait!!!

These shoots fill up fast so don’t wait!!!

Custom Bodysuits

Here’s a sneak peek of the exclusive bodysuits byย Shakayla Dellasandro and Shatesha KitKat worn by model Jocelyn Shartel. More to come soon so please stay tuned for details on your chance to own one!!!

Makeup By Nichele Washington