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Let’s Shoot!

Have you made your appointment? Well what are you waiting for?! Call me today!


In Living Color Remix

Classic Robert Jones & Shon Sanks starring Chloe Dior! Still one of my favorites!!!


Happy V-Day: Veyonce’

Happy V-Day from Vanessa, aka Veyonce!


Will You Be My Valentine?

I’m waiting….


A Breath Of Fresh Air

Thank you Vanessa for being an inspiration to me when I’m feeling a creative low. You are truly beautiful.

Free To Be Beautiful

Sweet & Beautiful

Thanksgiving Paradise 2011

Reminiscing about my very untraditional Thanksgiving on the beach in Florida. I sure wish I was there now!!! I need a serious break or a complete change of scenery…..soon….

This is what I call a great thanksgiving day!

Hit Single

I liked the other mock album cover of the lovely Dominique so much that I decided to do another one. Enjoy!

Coming to a store near you!

Image Quality Issues

Let me just say that although I use social networking sites I have never been a fan of how they make my (and others) work look! I don’t mean to complain because I’m not a developer or designer of any kind so I’m not sure how difficult it is but, by now I feel like there should be a more suitable option for photographers to display their work at a higher quality to better represent how their work actually looks! I am pleased with how my work looks here on my blog and I will be using it more to display samples of my work to give my viewers an image as close to the original as possible versus my facebook or twitter pages.


The beautiful Tiona Chantel displayed properly at a higher quality