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Just Because She’s So Sexy featuring Brittany Me’Lisa

So sexy Brittany Me’Lisa


Makeup by Nichele Washington


Just Because She’s So Sexy Featuring KitKat

So sexy KitKat

Makeup by Lemon Drops

Naturally Roxanne

There’s something about this image that just makes me happy. This has been one of my most favorite shots to have ever come out of my camera. Why? Well because, the weather was great, the shoot was fun, the pictures were good, and I was shooting with someone I really enjoy being around.Β It was also somewhat of an experiment because I was testing out my newest camera at the time, and I was extremely happy with the sort of 3D effect the camera produced.Β Her smile is genuine, this is not a posed shot, it’s completely natural. It’s one of those moments that happen while working. I’m sure I said something silly to make her laugh as usual, but the result is something the viewer can can instantly recognize as a real authentic moment shared between the model and photographer. Good times…

Makeup By Micha Robinson

Happy Birthday Princess Safiyyah!!!!

Happy Birthday to Daddy’s little big girl!!! It’s hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that you’re now a teenager….now I know I’m really getting old! πŸ™‚ I love you more than you will ever know!!!

Broken Hearted

Starring Angel Avanti Green.

Starring Avanti Dreamgirl

Throwback: Vicky James

Selective color shot I did for radio personality Vicky James.

Let the music play! Makeup by Nichele Washington


Tasha Gold Head-Shot

This pic reminds me of a cartoon…it looks animated.

Beautiful Eyes

Featuring Shatesha

Happy Birthday Jocelyn!!!!

Happy birthday to Angel Jocelyn aka Jolly!

Now make a wish!

Queen Angel Lidia

The leader of the group!!!

The Head Angel

Thank You Paula!!!

I want to take this time to dedicate this post to my biggest supporter. She is a very beautiful, sweet, and loyal person who has always been down with me and has shown my work more love than anyone!!!! That person is Ms. Paula Gipson. I want to personally thank you Paula for being my best client, and for always representing my work to the fullest! From Robert N. Jones to you. Thank you sweetheart!!!!

Thanks a million Paula!!!

Covergirl D’Anna

I LOVE this woman’s face!!!! D’Anna is so beautiful to me I could shoot her all day everyday just to see her in person! This shot was taken during a beauty/fashion session we did a while back, but still one of my favorites. I’ll definitely be posting more from this set.

Photographers Like Me Too!

Here’s a cool black & white shot of fellow photographer, the lovely Ms. Sumika Phillips, taken during a shoot that we did together for her birthday. More from this set coming soon.


UnderCover: Deadly Force

Here’s a scene from the short film Salem Chronicles: Undercover Deadly Force starring Jessie “MistaSupaboy” Harris.

Deadly Force!

Kyra Cutie!

Just thought I’d share this just because I really think Kyra is beautiful, and I love her eyes, skin and smile!

Beautiful skin, eyes, and smile.

Unfinished Painting

I really should finish this right? πŸ˜‰

Featuring Angel Phannida

Angela Red Coat Diaries Part #1

Here is a classic shot of Angel Angela from a few years ago from a series I entitled the red coat diaries. It was FREEZING cold outside but my girl held on and delivered an entire shoot of beautiful pictures. Good times….

Red Coat Diary Entry #1

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Happy Mother’s Day to my wonderful Mom Marilyn and to all the real Mother’s everywhere!!! I have nothing but love and respect for you! God bless you and enjoy your special day!!!


Once Upon A Time…

We were unstoppable…

featuring Angela

Avanti Homeless Beauty Outtake #1

Here’s a random outtake of model Avanti taking a break at our ‘Homesless Beauty” photo-shoot. I believe she either smiling at something silly I said or at all the people looking at us like, “why is the dude taking pictures of this poor homeless women?” This was a short but fun shoot.

Tabitha: One of My Favorites

It’s something about this shot of Tabitha that I just love! Besides that fact that she is an absolute pleasure to work with as well as being beautiful to look at, this shoot was so fun that I wish it didn’t have to end that day.

Featuring Tabitha Lawhorn

Mother’s Day Special

For all the wonderful mother’s out there!