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Back To The Future

Father & Son

Prince Naseem & King Robert

Happy Birthday Prince Naseem!!!

Happy birthday to my wonderful son Prince Rahzjon Naseem! Seeing him is like looking at myself from the past alive in the present! I love him with all that I am!!!

Photo Courtesy Of Uncle Toni of ADO Photography

Feeling Myself

Self explanatory! But it’s both figurative and literal 🙂

Model Tabitha. Makeup by Shon Sanks Hair by Raymond Torregano


Congratulations To Fantasize Angel Jessica Murphy For Being Featured As The Jet Beauty Of The Week!!! We’re Very Proud of You!!! You’re a beauty to me ALL THE TIME!!!

Just Because…

I love this shot of my FancyPants! 🙂

Dominique aka Ms.Fancy aka Ms. Debonair

Behind The Scenes Of I AM CHLOE DIOR

Here’s a few shots taken from the I AM Chloe Dior Shoot. The shots are just randoms, but I like em so I thought I ‘d share.

Look up at the camera Chloe!

Have you fallen and can't get up?!

Just Because…

I love this shot of my Jolly! 🙂

Model Jocelyn aka Jolly