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What You Talkin Bout?!

One of the signature faces I’ve grown accustom to seeing on a regular basis over the years. This little girl has so much character it’s ridiculous!!!

dayah face 1


More of the many faces of Dayah.

dayah surprised face copy

Interrupting My Drink

Dayah looking perplexed or angry as she sips her drink in the intense summer heat. I love all of her many facial expressions. Taken 4 years ago during her first photo-shoot.

dayah taking a drink copy

Young Mike Flashback

Here’s a flashback to 2010 when my son wanted to wear his hair curly in honor of his favorite performer, Michael Jackson. I can’t believe how young he looked here! Or even that this pic is now 4 years old!!!

lil nas curl

Happy Birthday To The King!!!!

Happy birthday to the greatest ever, The King Of Pop, Michael Jackson!!!!


Photo By Douglas Kirkland


Sybreena tries her best to give me a smile even though I’m clearly interrupting her game of make believe.

sybreena fake smile for blog



I quickly captured this shot of a man riding leisurely through the park one summer evening while out with my family.

Bike Man

Running On Shadows

Jogging along the river.

the runner


Baby Adayah having lots of fun swinging in the summer wind. Taken 4 years ago!


Buttoned Beauty

Happy Throwback Thursday! This is one of my favorite concepts shoots from early January 2008. I love all the wonderful colors!

Model Angel McCray

Makeup By Micha Maldonado

Angela Buttons For Blog 1

Tonight’s Dinner

This is my dinner for tonight. Grilled turkey breast, sharp cheddar jack cheese, tomato, avocado, romaine lettuce, and olive oil mayo on a toasted croissant.

turkey sandwhich


From the rain….

under my umbrella


The Rain Is Coming…

Down the road…

down the road


Private Conversation

…between a daughter and her Mother.

convo iphone

New Neighbors

iPhone closeup of ants of all sizes building their home near my home.

ants iphone

Building A Deck

My Aunt recently had a deck built so I decided to try and document some of the process. They did a great job working through extreme weather conditions ranging from over 100 degree temperatures, to pouring rain and thunderstorms. I hope to update the their progress very soon.

work 9

deck blog 1

deck blog 3

work 1

work 3

work 4

work 5

work 6

work 8

work 10

work 11

work 13

work 14

work 16


My kids relaxing on the couch playing on their phones back in February of this year.

fuji test 1


Makeup artist and model Tiona Chantel looking sassy as ever in our last shoot.


Sassy Tiona 1 color

Happy Blogging Anniversary To Me!!!!

It’s hard to believe I started this blog 3 years ago! I’m so proud of myself for sticking with it because, I really enjoy doing it. It’s also very hard to believe that I started this blog 3 years ago with this little lady. She was so tiny back then and now she’s such a big girl! Time is really flying by!!!

tasha face 1

Happy Birthday Natasha!!!

Wishing one of my best friends, Mrs. Natasha McBride, a very happy birthday!!!! I hope you enjoy your day!