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Beautifully Victoria #2

Another one of my favorite shots from our recent shoot. As much as I love colors and vibrant colors, there’s just something really special about black and white pictures.

Makeup By Nichele Washington

Beautifully Victoria #1

One of my favorite shots from our recent shoot.

Makeup By Nichele Washington

Beautifully Victoria

It’s been a little while but, here’s the first shot from my latest shoot with the lovely Victoria. It was a long hard shoot but well worth it! I really enjoy working with Victoria and this shoot was no exception. She looked fabulous, the weather was nice, we had fun, and the pics came out good, what more could I ask for?! This was one of those days when the light just keeps getting better as the day goes along, and you just wish you could shoot all day long until the sun is completely gone. I have plenty from the shoot that I want to share as well as some fun outtakes. I’ll be adding those within the coming days so please be sure to check back for those. I also want to give special thanks to my awesome MAC makeup artist Nichele for making Victoria look flawless even though she was under the weather. Great job Nichele!

Flawless makeup provided by the awesome Nichele Washington

Exotic Beauty

Introducing Charline Chester. I recently had the absolute pleasure of briefly working with this beautiful young woman and it was awesome! It was also bittersweet. What I mean by that is, she’s so great to work with but, she lives way out in California!!!! She was visiting her family and big sister, my wonderful makeup artist Micha Robinson, so I had to say goodbye almost after saying hello. I really wish our shoot didn’t have to end…she makes me really want to take a trip out to Cali, soon! Hopefully we’ll get a chance to work together again very soon? Until then I’ll have to try to overcome my disappointment by enjoying our first encounter. I hope you all enjoy the first shot as much as I do.

Makeup by Micha Robinson

AnJane’t Clayter

Ok I know she wanted me to create a cool stage name for her but, I like her real name as it is! This is Ms. AnJane’t, and she’s been shooting with me for a few years now. This time she traveled all the way from Qatar just to shoot with me again! Now that’s customer loyalty!!! Like always we had fun, and this time she wanted to try something more fashionable. I have a few more I want to share and I will do so later, so make sure you keep coming back!

Makeup By Nichole Maid


Welcome Ms. Emane Sewell to her first shoot with Fantasize. Despite just starting out, Emane has a unique style, as well as being very easy to work with. In my opinion she has a natural talent for being in front of the camera. This particular shoot was totally fun! It was honestly one of the best of this year up to this point especially in terms of our chemistry plus the overall fun factor. The photos are pretty cool too! I look forward to working with this young lady more and more to try and capture her personal flavor. I’ll post more shots from this set within the coming days. Stay tuned…

Makeup by Micha Robinson

The Simple Joys Of Life

Sometimes you just have to slow down, take notice and appreciate the simple things in life. Sometimes the most beautiful things are right in front of us…take a moment out of your daily routine and enjoy the subtle beauties of the world around you.

Simple Beauty