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This beautiful outtake was captured during a shoot when baby Dayah decided she needed her mom to take a break from modeling and give her a hug. You can make moments like this up but they just aren’t as special as the real thing….

Beautiful Outtake LOVE


The Winter Four Series

I like to call these the winter four because they were all taken during the worst part of winter between December 2010 to January 2011. Needless to say the weather was freezing, but somehow the models put their game faces on and soldiered through it! Part of modeling requires that you sacrifice for the outcome of the picture. Check out the third picture in this series of model Avanti for instance, the poor girl is in ICE COLD water half naked, with terribly cold winds blowing and yet we were able to pull off a very convincing shot. These are the type of dedicated people that I love to work with, and these are the types of shoots I love, the kind that challenge both me and the model. Special thanks to Dominique, Amanda, Avanti, and Tasha for being brave enough to tackle my crazy ideas no matter what the conditions are!Image

Real Housewife Kandi

Here’s an unreleased shot of one of the most beautiful women on television to me, Ms. Kandi Burruss, taken last summer at the Cuticle Remy XQ hair-show in Columbus GA. I don’t really like or watch reality shows, but I always tune in just to see her ๐Ÿ˜‰ It was a pleasure to meet and work with her although it was much too brief! Maybe one day soon I’ll the have the opportunity to shoot with her again under my own creative setting? I’m sure together we could come up with some amazing shots! Until then I’ll keep my fingers crossed!!!ย 


Happy New Year & Happy Birthday Adayah!

I’m back for another year! What better way to start the year than with the little person who helped start it all? Happy 3rd birthday to Adayah! It’s really hard to believe I met her 2 years ago. Watching her grow up has been a joy. She’s so intelligent and such a fast learner, I really look forward to watching her progress this year. While you’re at it, please check out her Mommy’s blog:ย http://allnaturalglam.blogspot.com/

Surprise Birthday Cake