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The day of transition has finally arrived and I couldn’t be more relieved. Not happy, not excited, just relieved. After 10 long years in the same location I’m so looking forward to moving on and seeing what else this world has to offer. Creatively I’ve been totally drained and running off of fumes. It’s truly a terrible feeling. As a creator it’s definitely not how I choose to exist. Just getting by is never good enough! A fresh start will most certainly do my mind and creativity some good. I’ve been so mentally exhausted that it has started to take it’s toll on me physically. The last 2 and half months have been extremely difficult. So before I even think of picking up my camera and trying to explore again I’m going to need an extended recovery period! Recovery for my body and mind. All I want to do is rest… Once I regain my strength, God willing, I’ll be back to doing what I love. More from my journey within the coming days.