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Happy Birthday To Me!!!

Yesterday was my birthday and my family made sure that I thoroughly enjoyed myself. So today I’d like to thank them as well as ALL of the wonderful people that took time out of their busy day to wish me a Happy Birthday! Thank you Terri, Safiyyah, Rahzjon, Renae, and Jocelyn. I love you all!!! Thank you to everyone! I’m truly blessed and humbled.

Birthday Crown

Block Party

Here are a few of my favorite random shots from the old school block party in the downtown area a few weeks ago. I walked around quite a bit despite the intense heat but, these photos are from a relatively stationary position allowing the people to walk into my frame. In essence I let them to create some of the photos for me.

Happy Birthday Antonio!!!

I’d like to wish my youngest brother and partner in crime a very Happy Birthday today!!! I hope you enjoy yourself and that we can celebrate together real soon. I love you man!!!

happy birthday mac 2015

Same Area Different Results Part #3

Here is the third and final part of my series on shooting in the same area located in downtown Columbus. If nothing else I’ve learned how repetition teaches patience and discipline. I’ve also realized that although I’m sure eventually I’ll get tired of shooting in this area I still love to go there and relax. The relaxation I feel from visiting the water helps to re-energize me to head back out to the streets and try harder to find more interesting opportunities elsewhere. Off to the next adventure…

Same Area Different Results Part #2

Today I’d like to share the second part of my 3 part series on photographing the exact same area at different times of day and on different days. ย I’ve specifically chosen the Whitewater Express area downtown along the riverwalk as well as the Broadway Street area which is where there tends to be the most regular concentration of people. Sometimes this very small area is full of people and full of photographic possibilities, while the next moment or the very next day can yield very few interesting results at all. There are many factors as to why this happens such as, weather, events, weekdays versus weekends, time off from school, time of day, etc. My point is, though it can be very frustrating we have to keep trying. You never know what will happen or when it will happen so you must put yourself in a position to witness whatever may occur. It sounds easier than it is especially on the slow days when it feels as if you’ll never shoot anything interesting but, I guarantee that if you keep moving and stay alert you will find something that peaks your interests to capture.

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Queen Vey!!!

The first shot from my latest test shoot with one of my favorite people to shoot, the incredibly gorgeous Vanessa Cobb, aka Veyonce!

Vanessa 1b

Same Area Different Results Part #1

Whitewater, Downtown Columbus

My sign is Cancer, a water sign, so I love water. I especially love the sound of water. Unfortunately I can’t swim in it but I can’t deny the calming effects water has on me. I’m also from a “Windy City” so I enjoy wind as well. One thing I feel I never have enough of living in Georgia is a consistent cool breeze. So whenever I’m feeling low or need a break I usually go downtown near the water. There I can get my fix of both wind and water with the added bonus of meeting new people that I can also photograph.

Normally I don’t like to shoot in the same places over and over again because I get bored with repetition very easily. I’m the type of person that needs to explore and find something new to do with myself constantly in order to truly feel challenged. But, there is value in shooting in the same areas repeatedly because, the same areas can yield totally different results on different days, or in some cases different results during different times of the day. The photos that I will be sharing over the next few weeks will represent this theory of shooting in the same area at random times and days to see what the resulting images will be.

Here is part #1

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