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Happy 13th Birthday Nas!!!!

Happy Birthday to my son Prince Naseem! I love you!!!

Nas New Cut


Feeling Like A Kid Again

There’s something about a bike that makes you feel carefree, like a kid again. These gentlemen all experienced this sense of nostalgia as they rode bikes up and down the city’s dark streets. I was fortunate enough to be present with my camera to capture a few fun moments.

big kid

race time

Titayae: Ebony Goddess

Taken from my last session a few months ago with the beautiful, chocolate and statuesque Titayae Mack.

Titayae Ebony Goddess 1


Although I love black and white images, and I’ve been shooting them more and more lately, I’ve always been known for images full of bright, bold colors. Here are just a few shots of various color patterns from my most recents travels.

blue river fb

riverwalk colorful 2 fb

The Moss fb

park scenery 2 fb

acorn macro

macro dandelion

red berries

dusty leaves

red flower

tree up close

tree up close 2

green leaves up close

The Drama Outside My Window

I awaken one morning to the sound of the local garbage men hurrying to collect the trash as very ugly storm clouds gather right outside my bedroom window.

the drama outside my window

River-Walk Cowboy

I saw this young man a few weeks ago overlooking the water as if it were his first time. Equipped with his binoculars and cowboy boots, I was able to capture a shot of him as he paused for a moment to admire the power of the crashing water below.

Water Cowboy fb

Fishing On The River

Yesterday was so nice! I took this particular shot of some men fishing in their boat on the river while walking along the bike trail downtown. The weather so was perfect for just being out doing something. Many people were out walking, biking, skating, running, boating…it’s the type of days I really look forward to. The temperature was mild, the sun was hidden, and we had an excellent breeze. When the weather is like this I feel inspired to get out and shoot.  Everyday doesn’t have to be bright, sunny or hot for me, moderate temperatures and cool breezes suit me just fine! If it could stay like this out I’d shoot even more!

fishing on the river fb


Katrelia: Untamed

I recently had the pleasure of working with one of the lovely ladies I first met and worked with when I moved to Columbus, Ms. Katrelia Gamble. Although it’s been years since we’ve last shot, I must say she keeps looking better with time! This particular session was very simple, just a test run to eliminate any rust. I can’t wait to do something much more creative with this young woman, and you can expect to see that very soon.

Katrelia Beautiful Chaos 4

Katrlia Beautiful Chaos 1b

Katrelia Beautiful Chaos 6

Katrelia Beautiful Chaos 2

Katrelia Beautiful Chaos 5c

Low Light

Just another random shot taken as a low light test.

super low light test

Sultry Jocelyn

The beautiful and sexy Jocelyn Shartel. Taken during our most recent set. 

Jocelyn Sexy Leopard 4

Park Security

A mobile officer patrols the area on a beautiful sunny weekend afternoon.

Golf Cart Cop

Golf Cart Cop 2


Just a random shot I found where I was demonstrating bokeh.


Nadia: Urban Fabulousness

Every time I work with this woman we create images that end up being some of my favorites! Our latest shoot is no exception!

Model Nadia Jenkins

Hair by Lee Robinson

Nay Industrial 1b Nay Railroad 3