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Morning Stretch

Good morning! I hope everyone enjoys their day and their weekend!

down the tree 1 blog

The Streets In Color

A small collection of random sights in the downtown Columbus area specifically focusing on colors, shadows and reflections.

Puddle Reflection 1 blog

Light Through The Window 1 blog

Flag In The Wind 1 blog

Alley Stuff 1 blog

Construction Guys 2 blog

Fancy Clothes 1 blog

Poor Sad Dog 1b blog

Secret Squirrel 1 blog

Branch Shadows 1 blog

Burnin’ Rubber

An intricate pattern of contrasting tire tracks against the cold winter concrete.

burnin rubber 3 blog

burnin rubber 5 blog

burnin rubber 4 blog

burnin rubber 8 blog

burnin rubber 1 blog

burnin rubber 2 blog

burnin rubber 6 blog

Ambitionz Az A Ridah

A young homie shows off his cool new Tupac skateboard last weekend while visiting the skatepark.

Pac Board 2b

A Cool Winter Afternoon

I love the mood that winter weather can create. Cloudless deep blue skies and a crisp breeze. I can look at this photo and still feel the air all around me. Refreshing!

Marvins Market 1 blog