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Stevie Head-Shots Continued

Here a few more head-shots from my recent test shoot with model Stevie. I love her androgynous look. She reminds me of one of my favorite singers of the 80’s, Annie Lennox of the popular group The Eurythmics. Maybe we’ll play around with that concept later???

Makeup by Tiona Chantel: http://www.tionachantelmakeup.com

Stevie 6b

Stevie High Key

Stevie High Contrast

Outside The Infantry Museum

Hello world! I went out with my Aunt Robin Saturday with big plans of exploring the vast land of the Fort Benning military base but, due to the unexpectedly hot weather conditions our photo plans were cut way short! We tried to tough it out but we just couldn’t do it….the sun was beaming down, there was very little shade, and a controlled burn was taking place engulfing the entire area with a heavy haze. Needless to say it was a very disappointing photo outing but, it still allowed me the opportunity to spend quality time with my loved one so it was far from a total lose. This trip probably represents the least amount of photos I’ve ever taken while out walking the around. I shot maybe 50 pics total?! Despite the shortened trip we were able to grab a few images outside of The National Infantry Museum. Here are a few that I thought were pretty cool. As always, I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoy shooting them. And remember, always try to make the most out of whatever situations life may throw at you and you will always be accomplished 😉

solider rick

a soldier's tribute B&W

soldier tribute


redrose copy

purple plant 2 copy

purple plant 1 copy

Blurred Lines

My younger brother Antonio was on his way to a ball over the weekend and I stopped him just before he walked out the door to snap a few shots of him. Here is one of the shots from the resulting images.

mac blurred lines

Stevie Hedgecock

2 looks from my most recent test shoot.

Model Stevie Hedgecock

Makeup Artist Tiona Chantel/ http://www.tionachantelmakeup.com

Stevie Test Head-Shot 1b

Stevie Retro 1b


Another promo shot from my impromptu shoot with my cousin a few weeks ago.


Color Or Black & White?

Decisions, decisions! Sometimes it’s very difficult to choose if I’ll use a photo in color or convert it into black & white. I absolutely love the the sometimes simple non distracting, yet dramatic tones of black and white photography. My eyes are attracted to the light, shadows, and contrast of black & white but, I also love the bright, vibrant, and often bold variations of color photos. Sometimes I sit at the computer trying to decide until I get frustrated, even giving up and coming back to deal with it later. Over the weekend I took my son the local carnival and I LOVE all the beautiful colors that are found at carnivals or fares. So after I shot my photos and made it home to process them I found myself stuck in the color versus black and white predicament again. Due to the time of day we were there the sun not only created great lighting but also provided tons of great shadows which would look good if converted to black & white. So, what to do? Well, I ultimately had to make the decision as to which I’d use for submissions, but for the purpose of the blog I can be more free to use whichever I want. Now I’ll leave it up to you…which do you prefer?

Fly Away Color blog

Fly Away B&W blog

aound and around color blog

Around and Around B&W blog

fly high color blog

fly high B&W blog

Promotional Pics

Last week I was back home in Illinois and I shot a few promotional pics for my cousin’s upcoming independent album titled, “Blood Donor” This was a very last second impromptu shoot that took all of maybe 5 minutes? It was late, the sun was going down fast and the already freezing temperature was dropping even faster. I managed to snap a very quick 50 frames roughly and as soon as I made it back to my computer I added some text and there you have it. I emailed these to my cousin and he loved them so I’m happy as long as he is. I was glad that I was able to help. If you’re into hardcore hip hop music please check out Lunacy on Facebook.

Lunacy Promo 1

Lunacy Promo 3b

lunacy promo 2

Lunacy Promo 4 widescreen