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LadyBug Feast

Have you ever wondered what ladybugs eat? Most of us think ladybugs are cute and harmless, and if you were like me you probably even thought they only ate plants? Well, that’s not whole story. The truth is, most ladybugs are predators. They eat other insects that we would consider pest, and most farmers or gardeners love them for this very reason. I ran across these ladybugs yesterday while taking out the trash. At first glance I didn’t notice the little red bugs present but, after I spotted them I figured maybe they’re ladybug larvae or something? I was certainly shocked to find that in fact they’re the ladybug’s food! These little red bugs are called Aphids. They tend to be a real pest to plants, so these hungry ladybugs were actually doing us humans a favor by feasting on the tiny red creatures. It’s amazing how we can discover new things everyday upon closer observation. Interesting facts are all around us from the very obvious right down to the most inconspicuous. I try to pay close attention to everything when I’m out, and having my camera helps me to document and illustrate what I discover. I await my next discovery.

bug life 5

bug life 6

bug life 2

bug life

bug life 4


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