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Midnight Shift

A late night portrait of a fireman as he and his crew prepare to deal with an electrical fire. Taken in my neighborhood at around 1:30am.

Fireman 1b

Happy 14th Photography Anniversary To Me!!!

I’m know I’m a few days late due to the fact I’ve been busy as well as sick with a cold but, I just want to thank God for being able to do something I love so much for so long. I could go on forever about how grateful I am, and how much I love what I do but, words really wouldn’t do it any justice! There are a few people I’d like to thank specifically for always supporting me and helping me when I need them. Those people are;

My Family: Terri, Safiyyah, Rahzjon, and Antonio.

My Makeup Artists Throughout The Years: Linda, Micha, Shon, Nichele, Tiona, and Juanita.

My Inspiration: M. Shawn Dowdell

I’d also like to thank the countless number of people I’ve worked with over the years that have inspired, and challenged me to continue to strive to be the best I can be. Thank you all!

Nas Camera Anniversary

Building A Deck

My Aunt recently had a deck built so I decided to try and document some of the process. They did a great job working through extreme weather conditions ranging from over 100 degree temperatures, to pouring rain and thunderstorms. I hope to update the their progress very soon.

work 9

deck blog 1

deck blog 3

work 1

work 3

work 4

work 5

work 6

work 8

work 10

work 11

work 13

work 14

work 16