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Rafters hit a dipΒ in the water and must brace themselves for a huge splash!

All Aboard


Rebel Rafter

Rafting in the flooded, murky, water.

Rebel Rafter 1

Rebel Rafter 2

Rebel Rafter 3

Dude, Are You Getting This?

A rafter records his friend performing tricks in the river’s current.

Recording His Friend

Taking The Shot

Water Park Fun

A few selections from one of my many trips to the new water park in downtown Columbus.

All Wet Blog

Cooling Off Blog 2

Cooling Off Blog

Having Fun Blog

Water Spout Blog 2

Water Spout Blog 1

Water Spout blog 3

Water Powers Blog

Rowing & Splashing

I love to go to the river and capture interesting photos of the rafters and surfers. I love photographing water even though I’m terribly afraid of it! It just looks so beautiful and refreshing! The water sport participants always seem to have so much fun. I wish I could be brave enough to do it one day….maybe one day?

charging forward

going under

row hard

Night Surfin’

A young man dives into freezing cold waters to catch a wave as night falls onto downtown Columbus.

night surfing