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Bad Girl #2

Makeup By Alicia Cooper

Makeup By Alicia Cooper

Model Taelor Moore.

Taelor Moore Shoot #2

This is the first shot from our second meeting. I love the retro feel of this particular shot. I enjoyed this shoot. It was very peaceful and relaxed. I wish it could have lasted longer…

Taelor Hill Retro #1

Selections From Damaris Garcia Shoot

Various shots taken from our recent shoot. It was such a beautiful day out, and I had so much fun working with Damaris!!! I look forward to shooting with her again soon. Make-up provided by Nichele Washington.

Throwin It Back To 2009 Featuring Angela

Back in 09 Angela, Micha and myself decided to take a break from all the crazy concept shoots and do something simple and natural…here’s one of the shots from this shoot. I wanted to incorporate the bubbles into the picture. Actually we never finished this shoot because were going to do the second half outside. Maybe we’ll do it one day soon?

Make up by Micha Robinson