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Halloween in downtown Columbus, 2014. Lots of kids, people, costumes, candy, fun, food, a 5k race, and good music!

Captain America

Ballon Maker

Officer Greene

The Devil

Wolfman Text

Panama Jack


race 8

race 7 copy

race 1 copy

race 2 copy

race 3 copy

race 4 copy

race 5 copy

race 6 copy

band 4 copy

band 8 copy

band 3 copy

band 6 copy

band 10 copy

band 7 copy

band 9 copy

costume 12 copy

costume 1

costume 2 copy

costume 5 copy

costume 7 copy

costume 8 copy

costume 3 copy

costume 4 copy

band 2 copy

band 12 copy

costume 6 copy

costume 9 copy

costume 10 copy

costume 11

Happy Birthday To Ya, My Favorite Singer!!!

I’d like to say a very special Happy Birthday to my favorite singer of all time, Mr. Stevie Wonder!!! I’ve loved this man’s music all of my life. I listen to his music at some point every single day of my life! He’s simply the best! He’s not alone on my list, there are others such as, Michael and Marvin but, Stevie is the man and today is his day. I hope wherever in the world he may be he has a blessed birthday. Thank you for sharing your gift with me and with this whole world for so long!


Photo By Matthew Rolston

Promotional Pics

Last week I was back home in Illinois and I shot a few promotional pics for my cousin’s upcoming independent album titled, “Blood Donor” This was a very last second impromptu shoot that took all of maybe 5 minutes? It was late, the sun was going down fast and the already freezing temperature was dropping even faster. I managed to snap a very quick 50 frames roughly and as soon as I made it back to my computer I added some text and there you have it. I emailed these to my cousin and he loved them so I’m happy as long as he is. I was glad that I was able to help. If you’re into hardcore hip hop music please check out Lunacy on Facebook.

Lunacy Promo 1

Lunacy Promo 3b

lunacy promo 2

Lunacy Promo 4 widescreen

The 2013 Fantasize Mixtape Is Here!!!!

Fantasize Mixtape Vol#1 Angels Edition Hosted By @DjtfBrad is finally here so make sure you get yours TODAY!!!!!! Right Now!!!!!

Fantasize Mixtape Cover (Medium)

My First Ever Mix-tape

I’d like to proudly present my first ever mix-tape, the Fantasize Mix-tape vol #1 The Angels Edition. It will feature very sexy r&b and hip-hop personally selected by 5 of my top models. It’s definitely a great way to celebrate bringing in the new year, or for those romantic cold winter nights when you just want to be alone with that special someone. I expected it to drop by the end of this month so please be on the look out for that.

Makeup By Nichele Washington

Makeup By Nichele Washington