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Building A Deck

My Aunt recently had a deck built so I decided to try and document some of the process. They did a great job working through extreme weather conditions ranging from over 100 degree temperatures, to pouring rain and thunderstorms. I hope to update the their progress very soon.

work 9

deck blog 1

deck blog 3

work 1

work 3

work 4

work 5

work 6

work 8

work 10

work 11

work 13

work 14

work 16

Get On The Bus

Here’s a random throwback from 2005 featuring my youngest brother Antonio. We were on an Amtrak train in Chicago en route to UIC University so that he could give me a tour of his school. I had a great time!!! I really wish I could have attended college but, I’m very happy that my brother was able to go. He’s tremendously intelligent and he deserves to get a good education. Proud of him! I shot this with my old trusty Canon 10D, which was my first semi pro SLR. This second shot was just one of him overlooking the Chicago skyline…I really miss it!

Chi-Town! No Place Like Home!

Chi-Town! No Place Like Home!Mac In The Chi