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Princess Of Color Series Pt.1

My princess of color series was created to depict a more realistic and identifiable image of princesses to young women of color. The idea is to show girls of color that royalty looks just like them, as opposed to the traditional notion that we’ve been conditioned to accept throughout history. The series is meant to convey the message that you are beautiful and important just the way you are, so be proud of the skin that you’re in. Having a daughter myself, my goal is to get more people involved and have more representations from children of all different cultural backgrounds.

This first set of images feature Princess Madison.

(Please click on each image to enlarge)

Fantasize Models Throwback

For the Past 6 Years I’ve Been Responsible For Creating Some Of The Most Popular And Most Memorable Images Of The Beautiful Women Of Columbus. In Recognition Of Throwback Thursday, I’d Like To Remind Everyone Exactly Why!!!

Sexy Jolly Bed

Jessica Sexy Woods 1

Avanti Sexy Rooftop 1b

Ginny Pool Throwback 1

Deadly Force: A Closer Look

I’d like to share a few portraits from a short film idea about an aggressive detective I worked on with my friend Jessie back in 2012. It was a very fun project and I hope that we can put our creative minds together again to work on some new exciting things in the near future. So many cool things can evolve when you put dedicated, and passionate individuals together. These are the people I love working with the most because, they bring out the creativity in me.

jessie 2

jessie 3

jessie 4

jessie 9

jessie 6

jessie 7

jessie 17

jessie 12

jessie 8

jessie 14

jessie 11

jessie 16

jessie 13

jessie 1

jessie 10


Buttoned Beauty

Happy Throwback Thursday! This is one of my favorite concepts shoots from early January 2008. I love all the wonderful colors!

Model Angel McCray

Makeup By Micha Maldonado

Angela Buttons For Blog 1

Happy Birthday Natasha!!!

Wishing one of my best friends, Mrs. Natasha McBride, a very happy birthday!!!! I hope you enjoy your day!


Allison Brantley: The Lost Bride

After 3 long years of waiting and communicating, I was finally able to shoot with the beautiful Allison Brantley. Her very helpful mother was there also, assisting in making sure things ran smoothly, acting as co artistic director ๐Ÿ™‚ I really appreciated all of her help! Allison did a great job, and we all had a great time! Here are a few selections from our very first effort.

Allison Wedding Dress 3b blog

Alliosn Wedding Dress 7

Allison Wedding Dress 5

Allison Wedding Dress 9

Allison Wedding Dress 10

Alliosn Wedding Dress 15

Allison Wedding Dress 1 BW

Allison Wedding Dress 1 blog

Allioson Wedding Dress 8

Allison Wedding Dress 11

Allison Wedding Dress 14

Taelor Moore: Modern Retro Head-Shots

Model Taelor Moore

Taelor Retro 2b

Taelor Retro Low Key

Taelor Retro 4b

Taelor Retro 5

Taelor Retro 3

Femme Fatale

Black & White remixes of model Avanti’s sexy lingerie shoot taken in 2012.

Makeup By Micha Maldonado

Makeup By Micha Maldonado

avanti femme for blog 2

Natural Relaxation: Black & White Series

Taelor Moore rests inside a bed of grass. Taken from our first shoot earlier this year.

Makeup By Nichele Washington

Makeup By Nichele Washington

Too Beautiful For Words

The stunningly beautiful Veyonce!!!

Queen Veyonce B&W

Vanessa The Birthday Beauty

One more of the lovely Vanessa Cobb in celebration of her birthday.

Vanessa RW Rocks For Blog 2

Dance With The Wind

More from the birthday girl Vanessa Cobb’s latest shoot with yours truly.

Vanessa RW Rocks For Blog 3

Sexy Cowgirl Remix: Black & White Edition

Sexy Cowgirl Tabitha Lawhorn remixed for my black and white portfolio and shared here as a part 2 for Throwback Thursday.

Tabitha Ranch 3 Remixed

Happy Birthday Vanessa!

I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to my beautiful and talented model friend Vanessa “Veyonce” Cobb! I hope you enjoy it sweetheart!

Vanessa's Vday

Rewind: Roxie In Living Color Series

Happy Halloween and good Throwback Thursday evening everyone! Next up is a series of photos taken of my model friend Roxanne way back in 2008 after I moved from Illinois to Georgia. This was also one of the first shoot collaborations between myself and makeup artist Shon Sanks. I love doing series because they allow viewers to see different perspectives all in one pic, much like the app picstitch. Although not done intentionally, after I finished working on these photos I decided to call the series In Living Color because it reminded me a lot of one of the sequences from the popular 90’s sketch comedy intro. Bright paint and lots of colors! The use of bold colors was always a trademark of mine and helped define my former style. I’ve been thinking of recreating this series with a group of new people so be on the look out for that. That’s it for now, I’ll post something new soon.

Makeup By Shon Sanks

Makeup By Shon Sanks

Princess Safiyyah’s Glam Shoot Pic #2

Here’s one of my favorite shots from my daughter’s first real shoot with me. I love her facial expression here. I wish the weather would have been cooler that day so we could have continued shooting because I was amazed at how beautiful she looked and how great she was doing. I’ve set a few more of these to the side to share with everyone soon. Make sure you check back often!

Makeup By Shon Sanks

Makeup By Shon Sanks


Happy Birthday Jessica!!!

Happy Birthday to Jessica Murphy aka Ms. J Rabbit โค

Jessica Rain Dress 1

Veiled Beauty Remix

Here’s a remixed version of a headshot from my very first shoot with the lovely Taelor Moore.

Makeup By Nichele Washington

Makeup By Nichele Washington

Bad Girl #2

Makeup By Alicia Cooper

Makeup By Alicia Cooper

Model Taelor Moore.

Self Explanatory

Confidence, not cockiness

Model Whitney Davis

Model Whitney Davis

Cuba Style

A shot of Taelor Moore inspired by the colors of Cuba.

Makeup By Alicia Cooper

Makeup By Alicia Cooper

Better Than Ever 2

As promised more from Ms. Whitney Davis’s comeback shoot. The more I look at these the more I love them!

whitney downtown for blog 2

Ginny Sparks Throwback Remix

I was searching through my old hard-drive and realized I had this wonderful shoot from a few years back with the beautifully unique Ginny Sparks that I had never released, so I decided to play around with a few of the files. Here’s the first one. I decided to dirty it up a bit and slap the “FANTASIZE” right across the front to make it look more like an edgy ad or something. There are so many more from this set I can’t wait to play around with later. I’ll post more as I edit them. Enjoy!

Makeup By Micha Maldonado

Makeup By Micha Maldonado

Better Than Ever!!!

Ms. Whitney Davis has always been one of my most favorite people to work with. She’s one of the most beautiful women I know, and I love her eyes as well as her charming southern accent! So after a very long ( it seemed even longer) 2 year hiatus from modeling she decided to come back stronger than ever. She’s grown up a lot since our last shoot, and all of her hard work has payed off big time! She looks absolutely amazing!!! Although she’s since relocated to Atlanta, I’m very honored she decided to remain loyal and choose me to capture her beauty once again. I’m proud of her progression not just as a model but as a woman. She’s ventured off into the world of fashion as a wardrobe stylist and I support her 100% I can’t wait to see the happy faces of her clients as her career takes off. We have a TON of new content I can’t wait to share with everyone because I feel it represents the growth that we’ve both experienced within the last 2 years and I’m very excited about it! Absolutely stay tuned for many great new shots from this session as well as a few surprises. We make a hell of a team Ms. Davis! I can’t wait for our next meeting! โค

Makeup & Wardrobe by Whitney Davis.

Makeup & Wardrobe by Whitney Davis.