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For whatever reason there are always certain images that the artists who captured them favor more than others. This particular image is one of my personal favorites! I’m not exactly sure if it’s the expression, the details, the moment, or all of the above? But, there’s something about this shot that just makes me really happy. This photo is actually apart of a small series that I’ll be posting very soon, but I had to share it on it’s own first. I know other’s might not feel the same way that I do about it and that’s ok, I certainly enjoy looking at it so I figured “why not?” If ¬†you’re viewing this post I hope it at least makes you smile too? Have a great weekend everyone!

(As always please click on the image for a larger view)

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Cool Dog

Not literally, he’s very hot because the heat was intense this day. I’m referring specifically to how he looks. I don’t know what the exact breed of this dog is, but they’re beautiful in person. Almost makes me want one?

Tired As A Dog Bw blog1


Man, Dog, Water

A young man, his best friend, and his passion. Taken in downtown Columbus.

Cool Dog 1bw