Unreleased Photos, Behind The Scenes & Random Thoughts

iPhone Pics

Fear Of Flying

Is it fear of flying or fear of dying?

Fear of living, fear of trying? 

Calm your nerves, face your fears

Fight the anxiety, apprehension and tears 

Fear is real, but worry no longer

For when you worry your fear grows stronger 

Conquer your fear when doubts begin

Should it reappear, fight it over again!

Beautiful Nevada Scenery

The more I visit Nevada the more I fall in love with all of it’s beautiful desert scenery. The colors, textures, and of course the details! I hope to go back soon for more in depth exploration and photo making.

Here are just a few photos from a visit to Red Rock Canyon that I captured with my phone.


Happy Birthday To Me!!!

“There’s gon’ be some stuff you gon’ see

that’s gon’ make it hard to smile in the future.

But through whatever you see,

through all the rain and the pain,

you gotta keep your sense of humor.

You gotta be able to smile through all this bullshit”.

“Remember that!”

– Tupac Shakur 

Vegas iPhone Selects

Here are a few of my favorite iPhone photos from a recent trip to Las Vegas. More to come soon…

Late Night Snack

A very late night trip to try the local Waffle House. Shot on iPhone to test the phone’s low light capabilities.

Transition Day: The Flight

Airplanes have never been my favorite means of transportation, but this flight was totally different. This flight had more meaning. This was more important than a mere vacation flight. For the first time in 10 long years this flight represented a new beginning. I’ve dreamt of this moment night after night for years. I wasn’t exactly sure how I’d feel once the time actually arrived? I played the scenario over and over in my head on a daily basis. Finally, it was the big day, and the truth is, all I felt was tired. I was just ready for it all to be over!

I’m not a big fan of airports or the entire boarding process, especially the security checkpoint, but this trip ran rather smoothly. As for the flight itself, it was mostly smooth sailing, but it seemed to take forever to end! It felt like the longest 4 hours of my life! I guess that’s what anticipation does? It prolongs everything you’re looking forward to. Much like an agitated child, the closer we grew to the destination the more anxious I became. Just when I thought I couldn’t take anymore it was finally time to land. Thank goodness! We’re here, and we’re safe! Retrieving our bags even went surprisingly well, when it’s usually a very long, frustrating, ordeal. So far so good.

We stepped outside the sliding doors, immediately greeted by the lovely west coast weather. Such a huge relief! Somehow even the air felt different…Within minutes our ride happily arrived, excited to see us all. After exchanging hugs we quickly loaded up the truck and drove off. All I kept thinking was, “we’re almost there!”. A few short moments later, and after stopping off for dinner, we were pulling up to our new home. “Our new home”. It feels so good to able to say that! Now I can let my guard down a little and feel happy to be here. Time to put away the bags for now and get some much needed rest…tomorrow is the beginning of the next chapter of our lives.

The next morning when I opened my eyes I promptly thanked God. I walked over to the window, and opened the blinds. I was delightfully treated to a beautiful sunrise peeking over the swaying palm trees. With a hopeful smile I thought, “so it begins”…


The day of transition has finally arrived and I couldn’t be more relieved. Not happy, not excited, just relieved. After 10 long years in the same location I’m so looking forward to moving on and seeing what else this world has to offer. Creatively I’ve been totally drained and running off of fumes. It’s truly a terrible feeling. As a creator it’s definitely not how I choose to exist. Just getting by is never good enough! A fresh start will most certainly do my mind and creativity some good. I’ve been so mentally exhausted that it has started to take it’s toll on me physically. The last 2 and half months have been extremely difficult. So before I even think of picking up my camera and trying to explore again I’m going to need an extended recovery period! Recovery for my body and mind. All I want to do is rest… Once I regain my strength, God willing, I’ll be back to doing what I love. More from my journey within the coming days.