Unreleased Photos, Behind The Scenes & Random Thoughts

Around Nevada Part 2

As we approach the final days of this dreaded year, I’ve decided to reflect on some of the few moments of happiness that I’ve experienced this month. I realize that I haven’t truly blogged much this year, and the truth is, I just haven’t been able to translate my thoughts and feelings into written words. This year has been that debilitating for me. Anytime I thought about sitting down to write I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

So here I am now trying to end the year with some form of positivity. Posting some of my favorite memories from some of the trips that I was fortunate enough to take. To share some of the moments where I was actually able to go outside and photograph something.

I’m trying to remain hopeful that there will be more bright spots in all of our lives next year. You know, more good than bad. Personally, I want to continue to travel and photograph as much as I possibly can. As long as I’m able to create some meaningful work I’ll be content. I guess that’s all anyone can ask for right now?

Until next time, stay safe!

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