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Where Have All The Children Gone?

The park, as well as the playgrounds were completely empty this past Saturday as I navigated the landscape for hours. I was very surprised to see that no children were present anywhere, especially considering the size of the park and the fact that it was the weekend. It was such a beautiful day! I started thinking, “maybe it was just too hot for everyone?” Or, “maybe everyone was just too busy doing other things?” In any case, seeing the park this way left me wondering to myself, “where have all the children gone?” When I was a child I owned every video game system that was currently available and I LOVED each of them! But, I would much rather be outside enjoying a beautiful day such as this one hands down! The video games would be reserved for the night time after it was too late to go outside. I would have to be located and forced by my parents to come home! (Sigh) That was then, and this is now….things have really changed. I guess this is just real life in the digital age?

Where Have All The Kids Gone 5

Where Have The Kids Gone

Sand & Shadows

Where Have All The Kids Gone 2

Where Have The Kids 4

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