Unreleased Photos, Behind The Scenes & Random Thoughts

Introducing Nairobi

Help me in welcoming the Panamanian Princess Ms. Nairobi Maloney! All I have to say about this beautiful woman is, I LOVE HER STYLE!!! She’s such a colorful, and fun person I promise that I could shoot with her all day everyday. Admittedly our shoot started out a little rocky but after a few moments things picked up and we were off and runnin! Nairobi has a very fierce but playful/sexy energy making it very enjoyable to watch exactly what she’ll do next. She was down for whatever idea I had in mind and we definitely took a more than few risks while shooting, like shooting right in the middle of high traffic on a very busy street!!! Oh yeah, did I mention she has a KILLER pair of legs?! I know you can’t see them in this pic but trust me, when I post one of those you’ll see exactly what I mean! šŸ˜‰ As always this is just the first of many shots I hope to post from this shoot and I absolutely look forward to working with her again to see what type of colorful madness we can create together!


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