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Happy 12th Year In Photography Anniversary To Me!!!!

I’ve been so busy today I almost forgot to wish myself A happy 12 years in photography anniversary!!!! Although I don’t always give myself credit for the first year it is technically 12 so with that being said, Happy Anniversary to myself!!!! Thank God for allowing me to do what I love everyday! Despite all the ups and downs, no one or nothing can or will stop me!!! Now, what better way to celebrate than by actually shooting right? So let me introduce to you Miss O’Niya! I had the pleasure of shooting with this little angel and let me just say this, SHE IS FIERCE!!!! At only 6 years of age she can give the adults I work with some serious competition! She is full of energy, intelligent, funny, and has a mean runway walk!!! πŸ™‚ She could very well be on her way to bigger and better things and I would love to have a hand in making that happen. Here are a few shots from our very casual introductory shoot. More to come from this little superstar very soon.

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