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Just For Fun featuring Avanti

This particular shot is an alternate color test that I did just for fun. The actual picture was taken during a shoot where I had all my models re-enact a part of their childhood for a series of cool photos that have yet to be released. Stay tuned for those…

At The Playground...Ya Know!

Standout #1

Here’s a shot of my beautiful model/friend Jessica. I was basically having fun in post production with a random image from a very casual shoot between us. I wanted to see if I could make her standout from the very brightly colored wall. I thought by subtracting her color the image would have more contrast thereby making it a little more interesting.

Never blend in!

Beautiful OutTake: “The Look”

This shot of Ginny was captured after a long day of shooting. I was just about to put my camera away in the bag when I looked up and saw Ginny standing on a bridge staring in my direction. The shot practically made itself! I quickly powered my camera back up and shot a few frames and this is one that stood out to me. Considering that this is only an outtake, I think this a very beautiful shot of her.

The Look

Lost In A Dream…

Terrie and I were lost together in the same dream in the spring of 2011 when we shot this image on an unseasonably warm day.


Getting Ready For My Closeup

The lovely Vanessa preparing to shoot a very sexy set of Valentine’s Day pics. Photos coming soon.

Getting ready to kill it!!!

Just Because….

I really like this too!


Just Because…

I really like it!