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Lidia Beautiful Outtake #1

Here’s a fun shot of my gorgeous model Lidia taken during our first waterfall shoot in the fall of 2009.

Made You Laugh!

Capricia Beautiful Outtake #1

Here’s a shot of a beautiful young lady that I work with often named Capricia. I shot this image of her during a short break from her very first shoot when I noticed how nice she looked just resting and waiting for me to start again. I like to call these shots “Beautiful Outtakes” I really love the makeup my wonderful artist Nichele provided for this shoot as well.

Lovely Makeup By Nichele Washington

Dear Summer

As summer begins to wind down I look back at one of my most relaxing vacations this year with happy memories. I wish I could stay there forever…..

Vacation Pic

Just Because

A simple shot of a flower I took on a visit back home to Illinois. Sometimes the most simple things can be the most beautiful if we just take notice.

Fashionably Lost Series

I wanted to post this series of my younger brother that I shot back in October of 2008 to illustrate the point that often times photographers have to create something out of nothing. I find myself having to do this more than I’d actually like too, but it also serves as proof that an idea created at the last minute can work in your favor as it pushes you to be creative at a moments notice. The outcome can be very satisfying in the end.

Fashionably Lost Starring ADO

2011 Poster Calendar

My double sided calendar for 2011. Get yours today!!!!

Side 1

Side 2

My Company Magazine Ad & Flyer

My latest and very cool ad designed by my brother Antonio for ADO Graphics

RNJ Versatility Ad